Why Call It "Rice Bowl" Awards 2015?


Rice is the staple food and diet of ASEAN countries. It is also historically a key commodity for trade - be it at regional level, or just between neighbours in a small village. In the past, anyone can start planting rice, and the family’s food is supplied and the extra can be traded/sold. ASEAN people understand the “importance and role” of rice in terms of food, trade and culture.


Technology is the “rice bowl” of the future – in particular for ASEAN’s younger generation. Without technology, intra-region commerce would be stunted. Technology also tears down many barriers to regional entry – in particular Web and Mobile medium. The Rice Bowl Awards will celebrate startups that harness this technology to propel their business for regional presence.


The Rice Bowl Awards' Focus


The Awards will primarily focus on awarding breakout startups (less than three (3) years old, and less than 30 staff) in South East Asia.


The Rice Bowl is distinctly South East Asian, seeking the best representation of the “startup spirit” and not necessarily a tech company per se. It may or may not be “venture funded”. It will focus on businesses that “progresses and enhances” its clients and communities, and shows strong business value and revenues and/or growth. The Awards will also focus on businesses that USES technology to drive its business (either on the web, mobile or as core business systems) innovatively.


For more information (such as nomination eligibility, FAQ, important dates etc), please visit the Rice Bowl Awards website at  www.ricebowlawards.com

About the programme


The RICE BOWL is to award rising Startups that:


  • are worthy of regional awareness and presence;

  • uses technology and modern business strategies to deliver their service offering


The primary objective is to “celebrate” successes and milestones of ASEAN’s contribution towards forwarding new businesses and startups that uses technology - especially on the Web or Mobile.