GREAT 2014 - Gathering Rising Entrepreneurs Act Together



GREAT™ is THE ultimate gathering of Malaysian entrepreneurs, startups and funders. Get access to a great network of likeminded talents, great knowledge and insight and of course, super great funding for your innovative ideas!

This 4-day festival allows aspiring entrepreneurs to tap into and interact with the ecosystem. The first ever entrepreneur gathering held in Malaysia, GREAT™ 2014 not only promises an assembly of industry experts, technologists but also public and private funders!

GREAT™ 2014 enables various platforms aimed to facilitate the 6 main industry clusters such as food, agriculture, technology, lifestyle, creative arts and women, so there’s a slice of pie for everyone! The Prime Minister, YAB Dato Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak will officiate this great event on the 17th of September 2014.

So whether you’ve long started up or are just starting out; come one and come all. Unleash greatness or just come for a GREAT time!

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