myNEF, NEF collaborates with WENA in the Launch of Er360

Tan Sri Dr. Irwan Siregar giving his speech
THURSDAY JUNE 19, KUALA LUMPUR – The launch of Er360 (Entrepreneur 360) took place at the New Entrepreneurs Foundation (myNEF) earlier was officiated and witnessed by Y.Bhg Tan Sri Dr. Irwan Siregar, Secretary General, Ministry of Finance. President of Malaysia Association of Bumiputera ICT Industry and Entrepreneurs (NEF), En. Ashran Dato’ Ghazi together with Pn. Nadira Yusoff, President of WENA signed an MoU to provide specialists and expert assistance to entrepreneurs who need their business health checked.

The objective of the Er360 program is to provide an “Emergency Room” entrepreneurs to visit specialists in areas ranging from finance, to public relations, to business development – right down to personal grooming. myNEF, NEF & WENA would like to provide the platform for entrepreneurs to get their business health checked up regularly and know that there is always room for growth and WENA aims to provide that support, especially to members.

“Our objective of collaborating with WENA in Entrepreneurs 360 degrees is to develop entrepreneurial opportunities through capacity building and business advisory support to potential and existing entrepreneurs especially women entrepreneurs. There will be something each entrepreneurs could benefit from this monthly clinics.” Ashran said.

'ENTREPRENEUR 360°' or 'Er360' is a strategic collaboration between WENA, NEF and myNEF. The programme will be held monthly every Thursday of the 3rd week and is split into three concurrent segment which are Entrepreneur Specialist Clinic, ICT Solutions Exhibition & 'Talk It Up' session.

'Er360' is where entrepreneurs come to learn and to get onsite, immediate help with their business concerns. It is also an entrepreneur wellness center designed to assist entrepreneurs achieve balance in their work and life through personal development and counseling, business and personal health check, networking and sharing platform.

Later, WENA’s President, Nadira Yusoff launched Mentoring Women in Global Businesses with Y.B. Dato’ Noraini Ahmad, Chairman of Matrade. This effort will witness an MoU signed between WENA and WAVE (World Association of Visioneers and Entreprenologists ) President, Dr. Pauline T. Crawford and the President of University of Entreprenology, dr. James A. Omps.

“Our focus is about the empowerment of women entrepreneurs, through this effort it will not only promote gender equality, but inclusivity and empowerment for women in handling enterprise at grass roots and also to encourage and strengthen enterprise learning through intra and inter relations with Government bodies, skills acquisition centres, research centres and tertiary institutions.” Nadira said.

Additionally, WENA was opportune to collaborate with Matrade, WAVE and the University of Entreprenology to further grow local entrepreneurs who wants to go global. The program will provide ample learning opportunities, trade and travel, research and development and business matching.

New Entrepreneurs Foundation in its vision to enhance Bumiputera entrepreneurs and businesses in achieving their full economic potential fully supports 360 degrees initiative by NEF & WENA. This is one of our initiative to bridge the gap between government, agencies & GLCs with entrepreneurs. Some of the business clinics that had been conducted are GST, Funding, Secretarial Services, Legal Services, Grooming & Styling Specialist, Grant Application, Account Services, Stress Management Counselling.