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Active Mentoring and Accelerator for Technopreneurs

​This revolutionary business accelerator/active mentoring program aims to give technopreneurs  immediate access to sales, contract or market partnerships. We will be monitoring impact on these programmes via sales, contracts gained, and value of market partnerships.

Focus will be given to market access and revenue development, securing investments and capability & capacity building. 

Target companies for the programme are Bumi Tech Companies, Malaysian Tech Startups and ASEAN Tech Startups. These companies will be inducted into either the Portfolio or the Aspire programme depending on their current monthly revenue.
Aspire      - making  less than RM 100k per month
Portfolio   - making between RM 100k to RM 1 mil per month

Interested companies can sign up for the programme, and if chosen, will be offered a two-way performance contract between them and MyNEF.