Global Partnership


Technology has paved the way for the emergence of global consumers, and marketers are becoming more intuitive, more inventive and more aggressive about using a mash-up of direct marketing tactics to cultivate them. Global Partnership Programme provides ICT businesses, technology providers and network operators with advanced techniques that help to formulate winning competitive market strategies.


Key to the global marketing process today is clearer and closer communication between across borders about strategy and data. Global Partnership is a programme to market ICT products to regional market with high potential growth regionally for ICT products. Our focus markets are Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Philippines.


By leveraging this platform, smaller companies can take advantage of large companies to tap into the global market. There are different hazards, and the world is always going to be open for people who want to go and explore. Global marketers are explorers. If you have that mentality, there's more opportunity than ever. Besides the innovation of the product itself, myNEF will evaluate the companies based on technological and organizational readiness to go global.


Technopreneur Gains :



  • Heightened customer awareness globally

  • Cost reduction and savings

  • Stronger competitive advantage

  • Improved product and service effectiveness