Digital Malaysia/EPP Funnel


Digital Malaysia is the nation's vision to forge ahead in embracing the global digital revolution. It will drive wealth creation and enhance quality-of-life by harnessing and building upon Malaysia's varied ICT initiatives. This will result in a nation that connects and empowers Government, businesses and citizens through a vibrant and demand-focused digital ecosystem. Digital Malaysia is envisaged to support the nation’s vision, by integrating an Innovative Digital Economy Framework with clear time- and outcome-based Action Plans that will consequently result in:


  • The increase in contribution to the Gross National Income (GNI)

  • The empowerment of businesses through the pervasive use of ICT

  • The elevation of the country's social well-being


Multimedia Development Corporation (MDeC), with the support of myNEF, government agencies and the private sector, has embarked on a journey to accelerate this adoption and facilitate the rollout. This special programme is to help Bumiputera ICT and Creative companies to become project leaders for Digital Malaysia Programme and Entry Point Projects (EPP). These are under PEMANDU (Performance Management and Delivery Unit)/TERAJU (Unit Peneraju Agenda Bumiputera).


Technopreneur Gains:


  • Recognition by the Government of Malaysia for high impact project and helps to reduce red tapes.

  • Higher chance of funding via private equity and venture capital.