Content Readiness


Despite the fact that the electronic media are the strongest tools of modern societies, commercial-oriented companies that account for the majority of productions seen by audiences worldwide has been more and more to dominate the audio-visual industry. Malaysian-made animated content is akin with international standards, thus, Content Readiness Programme is a joint programme with local TV stations (broadcast or IPTV) to bridge the gap with content providers, this programme will help technopreneurs understand the business model better and tailor their proposals to stand a better chance in penetrating local TV stations. The concepts are pitched to leading programme buyers from television networks, not only in Malaysia but also across the world.

Technopreneurs also will get financial assistance to help develop their contents via related financial institutions.


Technopreneur Gains:


  • Better chance to obtain local credentials with the potential of exporting

  • Business opportunity for creative content players

  • Assistance on funding sources

  • Supporting creativity & innovation in local content production