Bumiputera Demand Aggregation


The Bumiputera Demand Aggregation Programme is a collaboration between myNEF (New Entrepreneurs Foundation), MTEM (Majlis Tindakan Ekonomi Melayu) and MDeC (Multimedia Development Corporation). The Programme takes the approach of identifying possible business opportunities for Technopreneurs/ICT companies from existing and soon to commence projects based on demand or requirement instead of driving supply into the market place. The rationale for this is that aggregating demand  to supply has a greater rate of success as compared to pushing supply into the market place where there is no immediate or current demand or requirement for it. The Programme involves formulation of business solutions to match and fulfil the requirements of the respective projects based on existing capabilities and resources of these Technopreneurs/ICT companies.


The prospective companies to participate in this Programme will undergo stringent selection process and short-listing will be made based on technical, operational and financial merits. Final selection of company or companies to participate in this Programme will be done jointly by myNEF, MTEM and MDeC through a formal committee. Participation may involve formation of a consortium or joint-venture of two or more companies where the business solutions required go beyond the technical capabilities and resources of one company.


The Programme also involves close collaboration with the project owners to ensure a win-win situation. The screening and evaluation process also adopts similar standards of evaluation as financial institutions as such Technopreneurs/ICT companies participating in the Programme are financial-assist-ready upon selection. With this, not only that the process of obtaining financial assistance is shortened but also, Technopreneurs/ICT companies are aware of their borrowing capacity well ahead of undertaking any projects.


Benefits to Technopreneurs/ICT Companies



  • Opportunities to tap on new segment(s) of the market.

  • Benchmarking of their capabilities via screening and evaluation done by the Programme.

  • Participation in projects through ready Business Solutions formulated by the Programme.

  • Opportunities to take on bigger projects and those that are conventionally beyond their capabilities through participation in consortiums and joint-ventures.

  • Opportunities to learn and share through collaboration.

  • Exposure to built a more resilient and competitive ICT companies.