The New Entrepreneurs Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established by Industry Players. This organization is a platform that supports the development of the ICT and Creative Industry in Malaysia through various strategic programs that is expected to boost the development of the ICT and Creative businesses in the country.


The New Entrepreneurs Foundation plays an instrumental role in bridging industry players and the Government. Working closely with agencies and various Government related companies, this concerted effort is crucial in supporting existing, and upcoming programs.


To build a vibrant and high impact tech/startup business ecosystem and community across Asia Pac – which includes startup founders, corporates, eco-system communities, investors and funds, mentors, etc


To catalyze a more STRATEGIC, COLLABORATIVE and OUTCOME-FOCUSED approach towards developing successful, sustainable and fast-growing tech startups and businesses across Asia Pac


Our resources will identify gaps, best practice approach, and key partners and programmes to cater to tech-centric businesses


Members with common goals can combine resource and leverage each others networks to obtain the best strategic and financial impact


We want to promote a long-term view on how startups contribute to national GDPs and provide reliable ROI to investors